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  • Hi, once you have planned a route is there a way to see the distance and time to a certain point on the route? i.e. if I planned a 5 hour ride, set off at 10am and want to plan a stop for dinner say at 1pm, is there a way to see where i would roughly be at that time? Hopefully this makes sense, I've seen something like this on other route planners, you hover your cursor over a point in the route and it gives you distance and time. Thanks.

  • @Craig-4 Hi Craig, In the routepoints/waypoints overview in the 'big' menu bar left of the map, you can see the distance and time up to every routepount/waypoint. If you find your target to land between two waypoints, just add another waypoint and move it until you've found the target time/distance. You need to calculate though for a certain time target:
    I.e: You start at 10:00, lets say waypoint 30 is at 100km/3h10, then with a margin you end up at that waypoint at 13:10.

  • RouteXperts

    In addition to Stefan: Make the restaurant poi's visible and find a nice restaurant near your chosen waypoint.

  • @Arno-van-Lochem Yes indeed, I suggest also to turn on the cafe/pub POI since I've found that not always the restaurant or cafe is put into the correct category. I usually check the POI's with Google Hybrid overlay to confirm the intended restaurant/cafe. 🙂

  • RouteXperts

    When I plan a stop somewhere, I always check in Google if the restaurant still exists. And whether it will, for example, not open until 5 pm. Those kind of things.

  • @Arno-van-Lochem Yes, exactly that. I did the same thing for a trip to the Eifel coming August and found that the POI and Google Hybrid data did not match the actual restaurant based on address. Nice.

  • That's brilliant, thank you all for your help.

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