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  • Hello All

    hoping someone can help, import my planned route but Garmin XT creates its own route and I can not find out how to turn this recalculate feature off

    cheers Jeremy

  • @Jeremy-Canning
    Hi Jeremy, the same question came up several weeks ago. Here my answer translated from German via google:
    Unfortunately, routes cannot be exported 1: 1 from the MyRoute app to the Garmin Zumo.
    The recommendation from MyRoute-App is to use the track after the data transmission and to have the Zumo calculate a route from it. This works and it results in a congruent route on the Zumo. However, this procedure has the disadvantage that the route only consists of the start and end point. This may be sufficient in many cases, but often you also need points in the route that you want to go to for a coffee break, lunch break, sightseeing points, etc. Splitting the route at these points would be an option, but for a longer trip over several days it quickly becomes very confusing.

    If you don't want to use Garmin BaseCamp as an intermediate stage, you can use the following procedure:
    Plan the route in the MyRout app on the Here Map and compare it with the Tomtom Map.
    Compensate the differences by moving or adding individual points so that both routes are congruent. This increases the probability that the route in the Zumo is calculated in the same way.
    Mark the important waypoints (coffee break, lunch break, sightseeing points) in color and give them a striking name. For example: STOP coffee break or similar. (Via Points)
    Send the route to the Zumo via the Drive app or USB cable. Use GPX1.1 for this. This transfers the route and track to the Zumo. With the exception of the start and finish, the waypoints are without alarm (shaping points).
    Import the routes into the Zumo.
    Deactivate all avoidances in the routing settings of the Zumo!
    Open the imported route in the route planning. The route is initially shown as a direct route (airline). With the exception of the start and finish, the waypoints are light blue circle symbols, i.e. without alarm (shaping points).
    Search for the waypoints previously named in the MyRoute app (Via Points) in the Zumo's route and then click on the light blue circle icon. The route is then recalculated and the waypoint is set to alarm. Do the same with the other special waypoints. Usually not that many.

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