Feature suggestions?

  • Apologies if I'm missing this, but is there any intention to get feedback from users on feature ideas, or is that something you guys aren't interested in? General Discussion according to the rules seems to want to be specifically about stuff OTHER than the product, and self-help doesn't seem appropriate.

    As a trial user, I'd like to be able to understand the roadmap for the product a little and see what ideas are maybe on a list to be looked at/incorporated...

  • administrator

    Hi Dan,

    As far as I'm aware MyRoute-app has flourished because there is so much attention to what users want and development is based around those wishes. There'll be plenty of people here ready to back up that claim!

    Anyway, my apologies that this wasn't clear for you! I've immediatly edited the forum guidelines to clear up that indeed, you can discuss suggestions and ideas here (well perhaps not "here" in this specific topic 😉, but General Discussion is a good place)

  • Awesome, thanks! Are there suggestions already somewhere, that I'm missing?

  • Yes, I was missing the "ideeënbus" too 😉

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