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    To help everyone use the forum in the right way from the start, I'll add this little topic as a handy guide to see whether your topic should be placed in General Discussion.

    Since some users asked us about this: you can discuss ideas and suggestions in General Discussion as long as they don't qualify as a technical problem adhering to the description below.

    ✔ If you have a question, it belongs here if:
    It's a simple, general and non-technical question like what the weather is around the world, where you can score a nice deal on a bike or car, or how product X compares to product Y.

    🚫 a question does not belong here if:
    It's a technical problem of sorts, phrased as a question such as: why does this not work, how many tracks can fit on this device, etc. etc.

    For such questions, you are much more likely to get help in the Self Service section of this forum where you can even ask the question in multiple languages (although asking it in the English section will most likely lead to most results.)

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