Tracks: and bad news

  • MRA got me interested in tracking again. I tracked every more or less adventurous route back in the days when I owned a Garmin e-trex and enjoyed afterwards that the track showed exactly what route I took, how fast I went, when and how long I stopped for whatever reason. It was like an automated journal of a trip that could easily be combined with pictures, ... into a roadbook.

    As I said, MRA got me thinking about that again but with my TomTom rider 400 it just didn't want to work. I got technical, opened a track GPX 1.1 in MS code and saw that only the long/lat positions were recorded, no date, no time, no speed, no ... which are all things I can see on my GPS while riding.

    Today, TomTom helpdesk confirmed that indeed, they do not register all that data and there is nothing I can do about it. What a heap of é"'(&è!§§é!&&" that such modern GPS can't match such basic function already available in the most simple GPS systems many years ago.

    Does anyone know whether Garmin is still recording all this data?

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    I will check this tomorrow, record the track with my XT. I think they do...

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    De track recorded with the Zumo XT.


  • @Hans-van-de-Ven-MRA-Master Dank u om dit voor mij te proberen. Ik ben er nog altijd niet goed van. Ik heb MRA ervan verdacht de tracks te mishanelen en info niet te tonene.... terwijl tomTom die info gewoon niet opslaat. Een flinke les om niet te snel conclusies te trekken.

    Maar verdorie toch, dit is wel uiterst zwak van TomTom

  • I can confirm this too: my Garminn Zumo 210 and 956 are recording all this dates.

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