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  • Hi hopefully i will not have to many questions i have been exporting to a Garmin with no real worries, but moved over to the navigator on MRA, having put a test route together and trying it out i have come back with a few questions. when tracking a route and you stop so pause the the tracking feature and then choose to add a moment/photo and you then set off on your journey again the and press track their is no option to continue and it say do you wish to start a new track. this happens both when following navigation and on free ride, also i cant find the moments/photos in MRA. Any help is appreciated.

    I'm using a Samsung s10 with mobile data turned on and unlimited

  • RouteXperts

    @Ian-Smith-1 Hi Ian, it’s Sounds as though you are doing everything correctly. It’s not a problem that I’ve encountered using my IPhone, unfortunately I can’t answer directly for a Samsung Android phone.

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