Avoiding unsuitable biking roads

  • In the UK we classify road A B C or unclassified ( assume similar for most other countries). I would like an option to choose which class of road to avoid and which to prefer. Often I am sent down single track lanes, with a build up of grit and debris forced in to the middle of the road by cars and also these lanes often have many blind bends. These roads are no fun to ride, and potentially dangerous, either by skidding or colliding with a speeding car coming from the opposite direction. The problem is very prevalent if windiness is chosen using the Tom Tom map. Regards Peter.

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    Hi @Peter-87. These are the roads I enjoy and living in Devon I have a lot to choose from 😊.
    MRA are developing their own version of twisty and hilly roads selection for Automatic round trip routes that’s due to be released sometime this year, soon I think. Fingers crossed for you that it’ll be an improvement to TomToms version.

  • Hi Peter,
    I'm with Nick on this one as one of my steeds is a Honda 250 Rally with Anakee Wild Nobbly's on it. 🤣
    I get what you mean though, my guess would be that as MRA and Navigation are basically "global" route mapper I doubt that there is scope to list country specific road classifications as I'd imagine there would lots of variations just across europe let alone the world.
    Hoping I'm wrong though as a "Round Trip" that only included "un
    -paved" roads sounds like heaven to me.

  • Hi, Nick & Steve, Thanks for you comments which I fully respect. I was not for one moment suggesting that MRA should deny you the roads I want to avoid. I guess it down to the style of bike you ride, some are more suited than others, if I had just spent 30k on a brand new Goldwing DCT, I most definitely would not relish chancing it. Although I live in North Essex I often spend time in Kingsbridge Devon with friends, so I am very familiar with the roads in both Devon and Cornwall, I know many A & B roads can be quite narrow, but they are not a problem for me and I enjoy them, it's real cart tracks that I dislike and want to avoid. But I will double check all my next routes and use Google Street View to look at any suspicious looking one's. All the best Peter.

  • administrator

    Hi Peter,

    Thanks for this idea. While we're not in the process of creating a feature "select A B or C road" since that's far too specific, we are indeed creating an improved route generator with our own novel insights into this matter. We're standing on the shoulders of giants here and have a good grasp of what it is that you'd most likely want to avoid, however, region-specific information is always useful. This afternoon I have a creative meeting with the developer in charge of this project and i'll be sure to mention how this is handled in the UK.

    It's for certain that we don't want you to drive an awful route through blocks of appartment buildings because that route would technically be "very curvy 😁 "

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