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  • Hello everybody,
    I have a special request in accordance with the actual sanitary situation.
    In France we are encountering a semi end of confinment.
    In fact we are allowed to navigate freely at a radius of 100km around our home.
    Would it be possible to draw this 100km radius circle around my home and then beeing able to compare it visualy with my route ?

    I really thank you for your answer and your help !

    Best regards

  • RouteXperts

    @alex3890 You can choose to make a round tour when you make a new route in the route editor. Choose + for a new route then choose round tour and follow the steps.

  • Hello Nick.
    Thanks for this answer but this doesn’t avoid going further than 100km radius from home on the round trip generated.

  • As mentioned before start to create a round tour with a diameter of 200 km. Klick to your location and a circle will show up and indicates the 100 km limit.


  • @Reinhard-32 Thanks.
    It's better than nothing but the radius isn't maintained when the route is created.
    This means I cannot use the circle to modify the roundrip or any other trip and verifying i'm still in it.


  • @alex3890
    I think you should add this to the "great suggestion list". Being able to draw one or more circles on a map around central points would be quite helpful when preparing a trip.

    Potential uses could be to to determine maximum distance from a given starting point or to find places to visit within a given radius.

  • I found two apps for this task.
    Android: Location Radius
    Apple IPad: Radius auf Karte (in German)

    In addition there is an internet platform for this as well: https://www.calcmaps.com/map-radius/

    Maybe it helps

  • Hello,
    Thanks for your answers.
    I really hope not needing this feature in a close future, that's why adding it to the "great suggestion list" isn't required to my opinion.

    I'll use another online tool (maybe the one you mentioned) to compare with my route if i'm in or out !
    Have a nice day,

  • Hello Guys,
    Following the webinar of Yesterday (thanks Serge) I found the idea of creating the 100km radius in my own POI collection.
    I've created a CSV file containing all the coordinates and then imported it to my POI collection of MRA.
    It's perfect and works smoothly, you can see on this picture that this route is out of my allowed radius !Radius 100km.JPG
    If some are interested, I can share my excel and csv file.


  • These are my files :

    You can modify on the xlsx file the coordinates on Lat1 and Long1 (from your choice).
    To find your coordinates you can use google maps or other sites like this one : https://www.coordonnees-gps.fr/
    Then you choose your radius and the precision needed (on my files i've choosen a precision of 5 degres delta angle and a radius of 100km).
    If precision is different from 5 degres you just have to adjust the size of the array.
    Then you copy the last column of the array and you paste it (only the values not the formulas) to a csv separated ";" file.

    Then you import this CSV file as POI and you'll find it on MRA which is great !

    Hope this helps,

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