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    It’s bizarre how quickly a strange situation can become normal. It’s been less than three months since many people in my immediate environment still had the feeling that everything “would be all right and nothing will change". In all honesty I also didn’t initially believe that that my life lived with such total freedom would change drastically. At the same time, fortunately, the worst doomsday scenarios have not materialized. Toilet paper is now back on the shelves, no war has broken out and I have yet to see zombies shuffling through the streets. For the time being, I mainly sit at home as much as possible, see each relatives as little as possible and when we see each other it is at an appropriate distance.

    Resonating in my personal bubble is a cacophony of complaints about boredom, something that I’m simply not really experiencing myself. First of all, there is work, so I simply have enough hours of the week to spend without having to think about being bored from being in quarantine. In addition when the clock’s off, there are plenty of, chores at home, home hobbies, videogames, books, series of films and indoor sports to keep me busy. I strongly hold the belief that I’m some sort of quarantine prophet. According to the more level headed analysis of my girlfriend the title “strange but relatively well-socialized introvert” would be more appropriate. The best compliments always come from loved ones.

    That said, my girlfriend was not dealing with his quarantine half as well as this strange dude. In order to avoid a chernobylesque meltdown we started going on daily walks. Sometimes early in the morning, sometimes early in the evening. This schedule came into existence as it is a daily search for good times to be outside while at the same time adhering to social distancing. Good timing is neccecary, especially since the many forest and park paths are not at all made for two people who pass each other at a distance of one and a half meters.

    Because it is nice to get a little insight into what you do exactly on such a walk, I also started tracking tracks with MyRoute-app mobile. Although the MyRoute app mobile app is suitable for cyclists and walkers, the main target group is and has always been motorcyclists and motorists. It was therefore nice to see how useful MyRoute-app mobile was in creating beautiful tracks that I could study further at home on the PC.
    When free-roaming or going without a perfectly plotted route, the tracking functionality of MyRoute-app mobile does shine. While the MRA Navigation app might be better suited for tracked guidance, MyRoute-app mobile provides plenty of the basics. I immediately noticed how easy it is to use the mobile app and how natural it felt while going for walks.

    The regular loop that I walk goes through a beautiful nature reserve called the balijbos in Zoetermeer. The walk lasts about an hour and a half at an average speed of slightly above five kilometers per hour. Because we sometimes walk at dusk, the circle mainly runs along polders and there is only a small part where the vegetation becomes dense enough to truly call it “forest-like” (Balijbos translates to something like “Forest of the Balij” in Dutch, hence why I’m pointing this out). The walk is also almost a perfect loop while still offering some nice underground variations and a few climbs and descends.

    Immediately after having walked and tracked the first two laps I felt completely at home here. For example, I had taken photos of all kinds of nice places with the moment function. As a result, I now know where all the benches, resting places and information or viewpoints are on the route. The best part is of course that you can also show these photos to friends and family in combination with the track you have walked. We have now even reached the point that my girlfriend has also downloaded the app so that she can track her own laps.

    Finally, is MyRoute-app mobile as advanced as, for example, Strava or all kinds of other specialist walking and running apps? The first feeling is "no". After all, I can't keep track of my heart rate and steps, but on the other hand, I personally don't need that anyway. I won’t pretend to be anything more than a recreational hiker and with that in mind the incredibly simple and clear layout of the MyRoute-app mobile greatly helps with the ease of use. Although MyRoute-app mobile is not a specialist walking app, it is a great walking app for motorists and motorcyclists who also walk.

  • @Timo-Martosatiman-MRA The huge disadvantage of the meltdown, excuse me, lockdown, is that I can't spend time on a number of things such as motorcycling, meeting friends ...

    The huge advantage of the lockdown is that days are now only 8 hours too short compared to the usual 16 hours I miss to do everything I want/have to do.

    It appears some people are bored: I wonder how they achieve that???

    🤔 😃 😄

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    @Timo-Martosatiman-MRA Thanks Timo, I enjoyed reading that 👍🏼

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