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    Which of the users makes a blog or travel story of their holiday?

    A. Yes
    B. No.


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    Always, you have to capture beautiful memories ...

  • @Hans-van-de-Ven-MRA-Master


    Me, never 😟 to my own disappointment. I usually take a ton of photo's and these provide the memory of the trip. I also keep the route, and all info concerning my preparations on my home computer hard drive. I have been driving since 1984 or something like thatn with trips getting longer...

    I seldom take any tracks either. It does give the route I took, but it does not seem to register the datetime at each point, the speed I had at that point. Things I could get out of my first GPS; a garmin etrex. Maybe I am just doing something wrong?

  • I would love to do a travel story as I tend to do a daily write up when I am away on trips, but I don't know where to start 😞

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    Hi Ian, start with tracking your routes and take Some pictures with the mobile app. When you add a travelstory, You can add the tracklogs info the travelstory and the pictures will automatic follow the tracklog

  • I really would like to do travelstories or blogposts. I love it to share with the group I drove, or with friends - or sometimes withe the whole world.
    But there is a great great Blocker!! MRA does not offer the needed properties to limit access to travelstories and blogposts as I wrote above. There is only the possibility to keep it private or share withe the whole World. This is against gouvernments Law for data protection!

    For only private use, I don't need travelstories nor blogposts, because I can do some notes in route or track. And I can attach photos (moments) onto track in MRA.

  • @Guzzist I have "a little black book" where i keep times of departure and arrival a fist impression of the hotel, or places visited, kilometers driven that day, how many liters of gas... etc... I would not use MRA for this. First because I travel with a GPS, not the MRA navigation tool, second because I think I can't download aal that data from MRA if I wanted to.

  • We have a little black book as well as @Drabslab described. Sometimes we digitalise the story on route, but most of the time we have a lot of fun writing and editing from home after the trip. We take 20 minutes every day we arrive somewhere to jog down things like departure time, fuel, breakfast, lunch, sightseeing, camping or hotel etc
    We also have a website and Instagram account @motortravelicious

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