Navigationapp using on iPhone x on motor

  • Hello,

    I was wondering of somebody has experience with de Navigation app on iPhone X by using on a motorcycle.
    *is iT good using
    *how dos Your iponeX doing with the trilling from the bike?
    *do you reccomand it?

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    Hello @Yvonne-van-Noije.
    I cannot answer your question regarding your iPhoneX. I use an iPhone 6s and a Quad Lock case and mount. I have used it for thousands of kilometers without and over heating or vibration problems. I have a usb charging point and have it plugged in, because like any phone gps, it uses the phone battery a lot. Hope this helps.
    Quad Lock iPhoneX

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    Hi Yvonne! One of our colleagues Michel has been riding around with an supposedly waterproof iPhone 8 for some time. Recently it died due to water getting in and we concluded that this might be due to the shaking and vibrating of the bike. He also dropped it once or twice 🤕 . Note though that the phone only died after he dropped it into water, before it was working fine and being used often for testing the Navigation app!

    Like Nick points out, just make sure your device is secured, safe and possibly waterproof.

  • I have an iPhone 7+ with a Ram Mount. I just rode a BMW F800GS from Skagway Alaska to Seattle Washington through British Columbia, Canada. It rained quite a bit. One day it rained heavily almost all day. The phone was not in a waterproof case. It did fine. I have a touch sensitive finger pad on my glove. It worked alright, but it's not really safe a speed on a motorcycle to use the touch pad for more than a quick key press.

  • Hi Yvonne,

    I use an iPhone X on my motorcycle, and it's a Harley, so a lot of trilling 🙂

    However the Nav app works fine and my phone is docked in an active Brodit holder and because the holder is behind my screen it won't be wet at all, unless it's raining very hard, but never had any issues with it.


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