RESULTS: MRA Roadmap vote 1

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    Attention community,

    The vote results are in, and they provide a nice general feel into the wishes and whims of the community. After discussing the results of the vote with the team it was good to see that the ideas that we had were well reflected within the voice of the community. At the same time we were positively surprised to see things that were pitched by the community rise higher than expected. Please take a look at the vote results below.

    Now to move on, we have created a final vote to observe the popularity of the top ten selected features by the community. With this information, we will finally compose a final RoadMap that will be published as soon as possible. Please note that while we highly value to vote, its results are interpreted and prioritized by us on a discretionary basis. Whilst this might sound disclaimery, please let me take away those fears. All that I am saying is that while we will absolutely respect the results of a vote, we will prioritize community wishes based on more than just the vote, such as technical complexity, seasonal changes and our own ideas and existing plans. As always, you can depend on me to explain where we're moving and how we're doing that here on the forum.

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