New feature for great suggestion list: additional maps fot MRA Navigation App

    There is an issue with MRA Navigation App:
    It is possible to create a route of type "by foot" in MRA, using Topo- or Cycling map. You will be able to set waypoints onto gravel roads and pathes. And MRA is calculating route, distance and time in same way as if you are using Google- or HEERE maps. So, everything looks fine.

    But then, if you want to use MRA Navigation App - you can select previously created route from type "by footy". But the App is not able to direct you, where to go, because the App is only using HERE map! This map does not contain gravel roads or pathes.

    It looks like senseless, to offer route type "by foot", if then MRA Navigation App is not able to work with it.
    So, please add this feature request for additional maps for MRA Navigation App on the great suggestion list.

  • Instructor


    Thanks, I assume that Timo will include this in the list, whether it will actually be implemented remains to be seen.😉

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