New specs...Profile of height & miniature view

  • Hi guys,
    I would like to request for two highly desirable specs...

    1. profile of height curve in a route: the profile will show the height curve of the route.
    2. miniture view of the route when you hover over a zoomed out map. (RouteYou-like)

    I would love MRA even more (if that would ever be possible...) of those two options were in. I missed these honestly in the survey monkey I filled in earlier today...

  • administrator

    Hi Guy,

    As for your first suggestion it's already in the works. We too want to have beautiful height-profiles in our routes! Stay tuned, it'll be one of the closer updates.

    As for the second suggestion I'll add it to the list. However, it'll be off in the future as we're currently having a vote for the future features of MyRoute-app. This is based on initiatives by the MRA team but also by the MRA community.

    Kind regards,


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