Moving waypoints

  • I have created a route but what to manually change the order of the waypoints. I know you can left click, highlight and then drag them up and down the list on the left panel on the screen but this is time consuming and not very accurate.
    is thee another way? for example, making way-point no.6 to read No.4 or just reverse the whole route?

  • Instructor

    Hi Kevin, no that is not possible, The way you describe is a way, or you can move them on the map

  • @Kevin-Russell said in Moving waypoints:

    ... just reverse the whole route?

    As Gold-Member, you may open a route, select "toolkit" in menue and then select "Google maps", or "HERE maps". Then open menue again, select "toolkit" and then "reverse". Result is a down to top arder of waypoints.

    Good Idea, to copy at first your original route and do the change in the copy. After doing reverse action, check exact position of WP by zooming in. If route is at multi track street (Highway), may move WP to correct side of tracks. At least, compare distance of original with reverse route.

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