Suggestion: Automate the provisioning of an Overview Route and keep route segments independent

  • When creating an "Overview Route" I add all my days into one map so I can see the overall thing.

    It would be nice if you could do this automatically through a wizard. "Create Overview Map". Then select each other route, one by one, from first to last, then "Finish" and Boom, I would have Overview.

    BUT STOP - don't run off to implement that feature request just yet - this Overview route should also be smart enough to keep each of those added routes (or "segments") independent! Thus, if I update one of those routes, it is automatically reflected in this Overview route. So you don't have to recreate the thing many times.

    Thank you

  • Hi @Mike-Meyer I know that feature requests have caused some debate elsewhere in this Forum about creating needless complexity but I would like to see the ‘aggregated’ view within a folder too. I know the Roadmap 1.4 is scheduled to bring the overview for quickly looking at each route and I look forward to this but I agree with your suggestion for when I am planning multi-day trips across multiple countries.

    Currently, I initially plan such trips using another application (do not criticise me just yet 😁) which allows me to show the whole route plan with individual day plans as a whole. This becomes a little unwieldy until I import into MRA which correctly breaks the complete multi-day route into individual days that I then ‘tweak’. However, I then lose the complete overview as you say unless I manually creating a separate combined view.

    It would be great to be able to do this all within MRA as I have no want to go anywhere near Basecamp - shudder😖!

  • I do this manually sometimes, by creating a new route and add the individual day-trips to the map. It does make sense to have an option to select multiple routes in the route overview and click "show selected routes on map" where they all get a more or less contrasting route color (or something).

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