Suggestion: Ability to manage multiple Routes/Waypoints in one go

  • I often have routes with many waypoints, and being able to highlight multiples and delete all or several at a time would be very helpful.

    Same with Adding routes to another route. I often create a route for each day, and go for weeks at a time. I then want to create an overview route. Adding one route at a time is extremely tedious. Add, select folder, select route, Add. Repeat x 30 times. It would be nice to add several routes at a time, in one go.

  • Instructor

    You can delete / move / save multiple routes at the same time via the checkbox (max 10 at a time)

    Merging routes is (now) still 1 by 1, is indeed a bit cumbersome, but I think this will be included in the Roadmap.

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