IPad Browser / Tablet Keyboard issues

  • Appreciate all the work the MRA Team have been doing recently and like the new Animation and 3D features. However, the experience of using MRA on my iPad tablet with Apple Magic Keyboard (with trackpad) still causes problems that have been ongoing for some time. Really would like these resolved as I do most of my MRA work on the iPad.

    Page Refresh. If you leave the browser page or tab (to look up information for example), there appears to be mis-layout problem when you return to the MRA page which is resolved by a refresh:

    Grey area at bottom of page removed after refresh

    Track Pad Use ‘Blocks’. If I tap and hold to drag the screen around I see ‘blocks’:


    And a Quick Screen Vid to more clearly what is happening - hope the link works. 😃

    Great if 2 finger scroll and zoom in and out were also enabled (as with the Garmin Explore App) but I am aware that there will be limitations because MRA is in a browser.

    Please, please, please MRA, can you check full functionality with mobile browsers as it appears that mobile browser access is not always fully tested. When I am ‘on the road’, I solely use my phone or generally, my iPad.

    Look forward to these being resolved as they have been there quite a long time.

    Happy to be a beta tester if need be. 😎 Keep up the great work.

  • RouteXperts

    @Dave-J-0 Technical support do not monitor the community forum the best thing to do is open a support ticket. Go to support page Here

  • @Dave-J-0

    I have found that using the Chrome browser on an iPad Pro with the Magic Keyboard to be the most stable but now and then it will zoom the whole page.
    One thing that will always cause the whole page to zoom is if you select the left sidebar menu (Waypoints, Route Info etc.) and do not select a menu item, zooming at this point on the map will always zoom the whole page (Using trackpad or the screen).

    On Chrome the Blocks seem to only appear if you move the trackpad very quickly and a single click (on trackpad or the screen) anywhere will remove the “Block”

    It seems to me now, looking at your particular “Block” screen, that the Trackpad is picking up text (Waypoint Numbers) on the map screen which is actually causing the “Blocks”.

    On Chrome using a finger on the map screen to scroll doesn’t cause the “Block” issue.

    Chrome can scroll and zoom at the same time using fingers on the map screen but not using the trackpad.

  • @Steve-Lynch and @Nick-Carthew Thank you for the comments. I have raised a ticket with Support. May well give Chrome a go to see if the performance is better. Glad to know that it is not just me.

    Steve, I do resort to using fingers on screen with Safari and then I have the functionality as expected. That said, would like the trackpad to work properly with MRA. We will see what comes back from Support.

  • Hi, I have understand your query, but I think it would be better if you contact to support and also if you need any other help you can also open a ticket. https://www.myrouteapp.com/support

  • @Arec-Johnson Thank you Arec. Posted a ticket with support already. 😀

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