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  • Hi everyone,
    I'm renting a bike from EDELWEISS BIKE TRAVEL (including a Garmin Montana 610) for a 10 day tour of the alps. I have planed my routes in MRA and plan to download them to the rented GPS from my Android phone once i get my hands on it.
    My first question: Is it possible to download routes from a phone to a Garmin or do i need to do it from a computer?
    Second question: Has anybody any experience of downloading from MRA to a Garmin Montana 610?


  • Instructor

    Hi @Björn-Lind,

    It is best to save your created routes as .gpx 1.1 (Track and POI) and place them on your Montana in the appropriate folder, or export them via the connector as .gpx 1.1 (Route, Track and POI). Make sure you only use the track. (So delete the route from your Montana!). Also start your route name with the date when you want to drive, for example 0810 To..., this because MRA also prefixes the track with the track, and you therefore get this name: Track 0810 To.. Because the screen is not so wide, you might be selecting the wrong one. (I also do this with my Edge 1030)

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