Turning off screen

  • Hi guys,

    Any chance to improve an app to make "Screen off" between a directions?
    And screen goes on fe. 1km/500m before a turn?
    Do not need a screen on when nothing happens.

    Have quite good charger but when screen is still ON, my phone does not charge just keep an energy.
    GPS/BT/Spotify needs some energy 🙂

  • Instructor

    Hi @Spili,
    I don't know if this is desired by other users. I myself have a permanent power supply (USB) on my motorbike to power my phone and Garmin Virb.

  • Not a feature I feel a need for, to be honest. I use various items, at various times, running concurrently with Navigation and my phone never runs low. In fact, it’s normally fully charged at the end of anything but shorter rides. I’d much rather see all available resources being directed to making getting the basics right what we have already more reliable.

    @Spili Could you have a phone battery issue, perhaps?

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