A Positive Experience…

  • Following my recent complaints about the Navigation app hardly ever working for me, today I have managed to successfully use the app to do a relatively long ride!!!

    It was only about 50 miles from home to destination, but I’d never managed that with Navigation before (with just a few very short runs being navigated successfully to date). In addition to the navigation just working well, I even provoked things a bit by deliberately going off route and bypassing a waypoint. No bother. Yes, the app started to redirect me, as anticipated, but upon reaching the next waypoint after rejoining the route all was spot on.

    And I even managed to reverse the route in MRA and it worked (almost) perfectly in Navigation for the return. All in all, very reassuring.

    So thank you to the team who are steadily developing the app for a great job in ironing out wrinkles.

    I said almost because few times voice guidance started part way through an instruction and was a bit late for a junction twice - this on both outward and return journeys. Also, on the return journey, voice guidance.. went… into… slow… mo… tion a few times. I don’t know what might be the cause of any of this? I was in offline mode AND with mobile data switched off on the return journey. I think iPhone GPS is supplemented by phone signal, though I can’t see that this would be data related - it’s just location using phone masts in conjunction with GPS. 🤷🏻♂️ It’s small stuff though, compared to the app just not working, and I mention it just as feedback.

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    Thanks, The entire team continues to improve things

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