Slow Adding Waypoints

  • Has anyone else been having issues with the speed of adding waypoints since the site was moved/updated?

    I've also noticed that the routes (grey line) don't always match the road layout on Open Street, Google Maps. It used to be pretty good but something has changed.

  • RouteXperts

    @Martin-P-Williams I’ve not noticed the site being slower. The track line shown on the various maps just highlights the fact that each map is slightly different. This is due to the satellite data used when the maps are created. The Google car will drive a stretch of road one day and a few days latter the TomTom car will drive the same stretch and both will have slightly different data. The position and strength of signal from satellites is variable leading to discrepancies in the various maps. This can also affect our own GPS devices which is why we advice not placing route points too close to roundabouts, junctions or viaducts.

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