Harley Boom Pre2019 - No longer displays modified waypoint name

  • I have been using MyRoute-app to build my routes for about 4 years now. I import them into my Harley Boom (Pre 2019) on my 2014 Street Glide. Until recently, if I renamed a waypoint it would display on my Nav. Example: Waypoint number X is a gas stop, I would modify the name to "GAS STOP - BP - (address). Now when I export to Harley Boom Pre-2019 it only shows the address of the waypoint, even though I have modified the name of said waypoint. Has anyone else noticed this change? Is there a setting that I need to change so that the modified waypoint name shows up? Please keep in mind this is for a route that has been saved, I am not using the MyRoute-app Navigation app.

  • Instructor

    Hi Curtis, I don't know if the .gpx file for the boom box is updated, was the an update of the boom box?

  • @Curtis-Gratz Hi Curtis, I have exactly the same issue on a 2018 Road Glide. I have tried using via points rather than way points, which does seem a little better. However if I take a break on a route and power down the bike, I lose all the names and it reverts to just the basic address. I save the route as a pre 2019 route, have you tried any other formats (Gpx1.0/1.1) to see if that is any better.

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