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  • I've only experienced this in France so far......
    But here's what happens. I spend some time carefully devising a nice interesting route and transferring it to my Garmin Sat Nav. I double check that the route I've created on my PC has accurately been transferred to my Garmin and off I go.....
    Only, at some point on the ride, I come across the "route barrée" ! with questionably signed "Deviations" Fair enough, I can accept that and just follow the "deviation" signs. But !! if there is a Waypoint somewhere along the section of closed road, my Sat Nav goes crazy trying to redirect me to this Waypoint.
    It's a damn nuisance stopping at the side of the road to try and find the particular Waypoint ( or even Two !) and delete them from the route.

    Any suggestions ??

    Ronnie weaver.

  • @Ronald-Weaver That is a bad experience. I have created an account at This ist free and you can forehand upload your route. There is a functionality in Myroute-App save as to Mydrive. Then you can check the route there for road work. That is what I do with my routes.

    If you are on the road and you come to a closed road you can use the skip function at your device.

  • RouteXperts

    @Ronald-Weaver I’m not a Garmin man so I’m afraid I can’t offer any direct help for your device. What might help though is; If you have a Gold MRA account, you could turn on Traffic which you’ll find in the overlay maps section. You could then check the route before setting off. I’m not 100% sure but I guess a route barrée would show up.
    Also; Have you considered MRA Navigation for your phone? This now has an autoskip function, if you miss a route point the route will recalculate to the next route point.

  • @Nick-Carthew It should show up provided that the authorities responsible for the "route barree" have entered this in the database and that is not always the case.

    I notice also that changes in speed limits, new speed traps along the road... are not added as quickly as used to be

  • The Garmin SatNav has an item in the navigation menu that automatically skips your waypoint.
    Perhaps not useful if you have included important waypoints in your route. But it's always on for me.


  • Instructor

    Hi @Ronald-Weaver

    What I always do is make the track visible. On the older Zumos, for the XT, the recalculation is always off. In case of a detour, and where, as you write, waypoints are located on the closed part, I turn on the recalculation and because the track is visible, you see when you are back on the planned route. You can then manually skip waypoints. Once you're back on the route, you can turn off the recalculation again, and start the route again on the older zumos.

  • Thanks for the replies people. That's given me some things to try.
    I'll let you know what happens.....

    Ronnie Weaver.

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