MRA Navigation update 1.6.5. Android

  • I notice that the via points (hand symbols) are only shown in the updated MRA Navigation app, after the route has been opened in MRA Routeplanner first! The hand symbols do not seem to automatically appear in the route in MRA Navigation even though the route itself does contain them already!
    So I wonder if this 'additional manual action' is intended or if it a bug 😁

    It also seems that the last waypoint of any route, which is automatically a via point, is not shown as a hand symbol in the MRA Nav app.
    Is this an intended feature as well? 😁

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    Hi Stefan,

    Our primary goal was to get the functionality in ASAP. This does appear to not be entirely how it's supposed to work though. I've created a ticket regarding this. Thanks for letting me know.

    On a sidenote, it could also very well be something that will resolve itself.

    kind regards,


  • @Timo-Martosatiman-MRA

    I notice as well that in the in-built route editor via points / ✋ symbols are not yet recognized, nor is it to assign waypoints to be via points?

    Personally I don't use the in-built editor at all but it is the only option for MRA basic members to make sure that waypoints are positioned correctly because basic members only have access to the OSM map.

    I recently advised a friend/colleague (basic member) to use the Here overlay to position waypoints on the actual shown map to not require all of the repositioning work to be done in the app on a phone.

    I personally think that a bit more honest communication from MRA is due... I feel like not all new MRA navigation users are familiar with the fact that correct routing with MRA navigation can only be performed when either editing all routes in the in-built editor, or becoming a gold member. Many new users have commented on this forum that they expected routes made in the MRA Routeplanner can automatically without any hassle, be used in MRA Navigation... Even though they are separate apps.

    How do you feel about this? 🙂

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    @StefanHummelink Hi Stefan,

    Thanks for your question, I'll be entirely honest on this: we've never thought about it like that and I think you raise a good point. True, a hardline answer may be that MRA Navigation as a route editor should be used standalone and it works flawlessly with MRA Routeplanner Gold. (and we should advertize as such)

    However, for a very long time we haven't had active marketing towards MRA Navigation as we weren't satisfied with the placement of the service in our community. The past few weeks we've seen a huge influx in MRA Navigation members and will have to deal with the ideas and insights from this community.

    Thanks for sharing. You've given us food for thought. At the very least we'll make sure people know that it works flawlessly with GOLD.

    Kind regards,


  • @Timo-Martosatiman-MRA Thanks for your honest answer!

    Indeed, the way to go for now is to mentioned that they both work flawlessly only with MRA Routeplanner Gold and not the basic membership. I got "shot down" again yesterday after mentioning to my colleague haha. He said: "They're the same company right so why do I need gold?". Haha.😀

    In addition to all things mentioned above: I feel like the best and easy way to solve this problem is to make the MRA Navigation app work with OSM as well! That way any basic member has all the tools, albeit a limited set, available to make the navigation work flawlessly.

    Buying gold is then only required for all the additional features, which are definitely worth the money.

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    @StefanHummelink I wish we could do that, but the nav-app is built with an entirely different framework, used also by built-in car and motorcycle navigation systems. We do have some ideas for the future that aren't set in stone yet as we're watching the unfolding of the current technological revolution closely to see where our resources for app development should logically be dedicated. One of those ideas is an overhaul of the MRA Mobile app, adding a free and very basic navigation to it. In addition we're looking at supporting more currently popular navigation apps.

  • @Timo-Martosatiman-MRA I totally understand! With that in mind, the advertising of MRA Navigation shall be update to be a bit more honest en true. 😀

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