Feature request/suggestion MRA Navigation

  • Hi MRA,

    As a very frequent MRA Navigation user on my bike, I have some requests/suggestions others might like implemented as well:

    1. as a user, I want to set the zoom-lever of my navigation app when navigating
    2. as a user, I want to be able to skip to "previous" waypoints
    3. as a user, I want to be able to skip to a waypoint, by clicking it on the map directly

    Some extra information regarding each
    1: currently the zoom level is fixed and cannot be altered, personally I would like it to be zoomed in a little bit more at some times, specifically on smaller backroads
    2: Occasionally, it happens that the navigation app is ahead of the actual waypoints on my route, if I want to "go back" I need to exit the current navigation, load it again, and then skip (a lot) of waypoints to the correct one.
    3: It would be easiers to just select a waypoint on the map, and directly set it as the next one, when for example having to skip due to roadworks for example, or as in point 2 when you need to restart, or the navigation app itself restarts or gets stuck this would be a major time saver

    If any of these are picked up at some point that would be very lovely, I really enjoy using MRA and the navigation!

  • Instructor

    The app is currently being updated with new functionalities, I dare not say whether all your wishes will be included in this version.

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