Recalculation woes

  • Several times now I have prepared a complex route on the website, and when I load the route into the Navigation app on my phone the routing has changed. The routing on the website stays the same. I have the same options set but it's not just a case of avoiding motorways or whatever, I want to go along specific roads on my bike, I don't care whether they are the best / fastest / curviest etc. I can force it to take my roads by adding lots of waypoints, but I like to drag the route around until I find what works, so that's a real hassle to do over a 2-300 mile day. Is there a way I can force the iPhone app to route me exactly as I've planned?

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    Hi Graeme,

    Do you have the latest version of the navigation app?
    Today we drove 3 routes without a problem.
    Just delete the app and get the latest version via the app store.

  • May I assume you have a free membership on MRA? In that case you are drawing your route with the OpenStreetMap, while your Navigation app uses the Here map. That can lead to the inconsistencies you describe. To have the route in Navigation equal to MRA, you best get the same map on both ends (which means pay to become Gold member) or have lots of waypoints in your route.

  • @Con-Hennekens Or adjust the route in MRA Nav by using the in-built route editor in MRA Nav to fix the route issues that are caused by the map problem you describe.
    One can therefore create the route in OSM map with basic membership and then fine tune it in the MRA Nav app, which is offcourse a hassle but it will do the trick.

  • @Hans-van-de-Ven-MRA-Master I’ve got the latest version of both apps installed

  • @Con-Hennekens I have Gold, I think the default is Here and I go between that and Google Maps generally.

  • @StefanHummelink I guess, but that’s a major pain in the ass for a long route. The web route planner is great, I love how you can drag routes to make them how you want, but once I’ve done that I expect the app to navigate me down the route I have planned, not take me where it wants to go! I will try to get some screen shots to illustrate the problem.

  • Ok so here’s the route I planned on the web


    Here’s what I see when I open the route in the Navigator app


    The app wants to take me by a more direct route, but I don’t want that, it’s dull.

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    @Graeme-3 Place an extra waypoint on the road that you want to cross, so that you enforce this

  • @Graeme-3 hmmmm....

    "I think Here is default.... And Google Maps" in your response sort of triggers me ...are you sure you've selected the Here map for route calculation or are you simply using the here and Google Maps overlays? These are not the same thing! There is no Google Maps map/calculation algorithm available in MRA but solely the overlay...

    If so, it surprises me as well that a for route made with MRA Routeplanner by using the Here map, still discrepancies between routeplanner and MRA Navigation are present. They should not be possible... Now I'm not sure of my routes anymore... Yet, from memory this issue never had been reported on this forum before...

    Can you confirm the above questions and perhaps make a screenshot of the toolkit menu as shown below?

  • @Hans-van-de-Ven-MRA-Master said in Recalculation woes:

    @Graeme-3 Place an extra waypoint on the road that you want to cross, so that you enforce this

    I could do that, but I would have to guess where the app was going to take me and then potentially place lots of extra waypoints - on a 3-400km route that just isn't practical.

  • @StefanHummelink Thanks, I think you've pointed me to the problem. I had habitually used the Here map & Overlay because I previously used a Garmin Satnav and it matches the Garmin routing. Now I'm using the phone app, and I'm guessing that the app uses Open Street Map? Certainly if I plan the route using OSM (or Tom Tom) the app routing matches what's planned as far as I can tell. I just assumed that the phone app would understand whatever was done in the web planner.

    An additional workaround, which I may also use, is to use the Expand function, which adds in as many extra waypoints along the way as you want. Presumably these would enforce the routing - I'll find out tomorrow!

    Thanks for all the help

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Graeme-3 hmmmm. Great to see you've solves your provlem but it still makes no sense though since the MRA Navigation app makes use of the Garmin Here map ... Any route designed in either OSM or TomTom is guaranteed to have mismatches with the same route in MRA Navigation.


    How about sharing you're with use here so maybe we can give it a try? Make sure your route is set to "public".

  • @Graeme-3, I placed the same to waypoints in my MRA planner. Your upper picture clearly depicts the Here Map calculation. Both TT and OSM maps equal your lower picture. To switch maps, you must NOT use the maps icon on the map-screen, that's for ovrlays. You must use the pagemenu:

  • @Graeme-3,
    Also the distance between the waypoints is almost 20km. That leaves A LOT of interpretation for routing to the navigation settings. It is best to have waypoints each 1 to 5 km depending on the kind of roads in your route, and of course to use the same map in the route-planner (which is Here if you are using MRA Navigation). But even when using the same map, navigation over 20km can be off dramatically of the navigation settings are unequal. I make it best practice to never touch the navigation settings, but place enough waypoints to to guarantee the correct route. The navigation settings in MRA Navigator jump to defaults each time you load a route anyway, so it is nu use for detailed routing.

    Some time ago I have put an idea in the "good idea's box" to have the navigation settings be part of the route-file. That will guarantee that navigation settings you set in the planner will be loaded in MRA Navigation for each route independently. But I have no idea if that will be picked up.

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