GPX file that ITN wants to do

  • I understand only now some things of the tomtom!
    if I import a beta gpx file into tomtom mydrive, flags are displayed on the path in the tomtom, similar to the same points set in MRA, always in mydrive, if you go to "edit path", all the waypoints are displayed in the assigned order, if at this moment you click on "send stops", these are sent to the tomtom and the path is displayed as if it were an .itn, all the waypoints can be managed as an .itn file, they can be reordered the stops, delete, in short, everything that could be done with an .itn file ... the only limit is that you can send a maximum of 21 stops at the same time, but it would be great if it were possible! I wonder, couldn't you send this type of file, the beta gpx, by email to your cloud tomtom? So you can have the equivalent of an .itn file but sent very quickly! Do you say it could be possible? or is it something that cannot be done? Thank you!

  • Instructor


    I shared your wish with the development team

  • thank you!

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