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  • Hi everyone

    My name's PAD and I'm a socialmediaphobe. I tend to steer clear of forums even these days, but think the My Route apps are going to be extremely useful and I look forward to making contact occasionally to help me get the best out of MyRoute. And, who knows, perhaps even be of some help to others?

    I'm fairly ancient and a life long motorcyclist who has travelled the UK and Ireland very widely, but with little experience abroad on a bike. I'm hoping, once we can be rid of Covid-19 restrictions, that MyRoute will play a large part in changing that.

    Slán go fóill

    (Moved from EN FORUM - SELF SERVICE, where I recently managed to post it in error!)

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    Welcome Pad

  • RouteXperts

    @PAD-0 Welcome to the forum Pad. We’re a friendly and helpful bunch here, so any questions you may have, ask away.

  • Welcome Pad, it's a great place to pick up new information, have a look at the webinars as there is some very good information on how to make your own routes and anything else MRA.

  • @PAD-0 said in Hello From the Welsh Marches:


    Hello Pad,

    Consideing all the nasty news about the social media giants these days, I tend to join you in your negativity concerning social media.

    But MRA is different. It is targetting a specific audience, and is using the info gathered to improve the MRA products and services for those users. No massive manipulation or exploitation of our data here.

    In short, welcome to the forum 🙂

  • This post is deleted!

  • As can be seen from the above, part of my ‘phobia’ stems from being rubbish at ‘foruming’!😊

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