Which engine is to be used with publicly available routes, to obtain the original route ?

  • Hello,

    I am trying out the Gold membership, and while using and learning the MRA Web application, I came along e.g. this route. I didn't find any way where I can import the route without anomalies. More specifically, when I look at the original, there is a waypoint anomaly between 49-50-51 (and it seems to be the only one). Then I import that route ( = I save it as gpx 1.1). Viewing it then with the Openstreetmap and the HERE engines, shows the route with that same "anomaly" at that specific location. This would make me think the map is intended to be used with one of these. However when then looking at the rest of that route with the Openstreetmap engine between waypoints 9-10-11, the route is (again) totally different to the original. With the HERE engine, I then see the original route coming back again with (only) that same (to my feeling) anomaly between 49-50-51.

    But then, to my surprise, when looking at the route with the GoogleMaps engine makes the anomaly at 49-50-51 disappear ?! Looking at it with the TomTom engine, yields an extra anomaly between 40-41-42. So probably that route was made, and intended to be used with the GoogleMaps engine ? But it would seem to me that these routes are to be used with the HERE engine. So I am puzzled.

    Hence my question : which is the appropriate way to use public routes, OR to get to know which engine is to be used ? Sorry if I missed some information that I should have read before asking my question here, but then please feel free to point me to the appropriate information ...

  • RouteXperts

    Hello @A-B. Routes that are added to the RouteXpert Library are made using the Here map, they are then checked using the Compare Route With TomTom tool found in the Gold tool kit. All routes are checked before they enter the library. Please see the disclaimer on each reviewed route:

    Using this GPS route is for your own account and risk. The route has been compiled with care and checked by a MyRoute-app accredited RouteXpert for use on both TomTom, Garmin and MyRoute-app Navigation. Due to changed circumstances, road diversions or seasonal closures there may be changes, so we recommend checking every route before use. Preferably use the routetrack in your navigation system. For more information about the use of MyRoute-app, please visit the website at 'Community 'or' Webinars'.

  • @Nick-Carthew-RouteXpert Thank you for the clarification. Meanwhile, I learned another feature of the Gold toolkit (i.e. to compare a route against several other engines). I fail to find the disclaimer though (not that I need it : sounds entirely logical).

  • RouteXperts

    @A-B I am glad to have been some assistance. Each reviewed route carries the disclaimer at the bottom of the page. See here: A reviewed route from the library

  • RouteXperts

    @A-B I have been able to adjust the route so that the abnormalities between the Here (Garmin) map and the TomTom map have gone and now both are the same. I will inform the maker of this route and ask them to adjust it. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. 👍

  • @Nick-Carthew-RouteXpert OK. I hope the route maker doesn't consider my findings as criticism. On the contrary : I think it's a nice route, and I will most probably ride one of her other routes in the near future (as the weather forecast is quite nice for the rest of this week)

  • RouteXperts

    @sudolea Not a problem - enjoy the dry weather 👍

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