What is the RouteXperts Library and who are the people behind it?

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    You may or may not have downloaded a route from the MRA RX Library, or maybe you have not heard of the RX Library yet! There are an ever increasing number of people now using and appreciating the RX routes so here’s a little information about the MRA RouteXpert Library:

    To start with, you may not be aware that each route added to the RX Library goes through strict procedures to ensure that it meets the MRA RX requirements.
    Routes must be made equal for MRA Navigation, Garmin and TomTom devices.
    What does this mean?
    Whatever device you and your buddies are using, they will all follow the exact same route. This can be helpful if a group of travelers become split up, or you decide to go in separate groups and meet for lunch. It also allows travelers to make individual stops and catch up with the group again, all knowing that they will follow the exact same route whatever GPS device they are using.

    An RX route also includes a comprehensive written review detailing what the traveler can expect to see and experience, along with 3 photos and web links for accommodation or attractions. These reviews are automatically translated into many languages through Google translate, this allows RX Library users from around the world to be able to enjoy and read the information associated with each RX route.

    Each RX route contains coloured route points that highlight suggested coffee/lunch stops and attractions to stop and visit. These are coloured red.
    Yellow route points (RPs) denote something that you can see from that position; it may be a castle on a hill, a waterfall or a distant mountain.
    Green RPs indicates a good place to take a photo from.
    Pink RPs are for route information, this could be to suggest an alternative route option or provide information about leaving the route to visit an attraction. Pink is also used as a warning; this could include road surfaces or a particularly difficult section of road.
    Each coloured RP will contain a note with a small amount of information about what that RP is highlighting.

    Who are the RouteXperts?
    The RouteXperts are just regular MRA users like you. They have a passion for travel and designing superb routes to travel on. They come from all walks of life and several different countries but all share the same passion for route planning.
    The routes that they share to the RX library are a mixture of routes that they have used themselves or acquired from friends.

    Gradually, the RX Library is filling with superb routes from around the world, but of course there are always beautiful small roads that we as RouteXperts have not yet discovered and therefore have not yet included in a route within the RX Library.
    Do you have a superb route that you think deserves to be included in the RX library? If you do, share the link in a post below and have one of the MRA RouteXperts look at it for possible inclusion in the RX Library. Your MRA name will be credited as the original designer of the route in the written review that accompanies it.

    But it would be even more fun if you were to become a member of the RouteXpert community and review the routes yourself according to the RouteXpert guidelines.

    Have you got what it takes to become an MRA RouteXpert yourself?
    Then give it a try and sign up via this link.


    After registration you will receive an email from MRA inviting you to take a short exam, if you pass the exam, you will become a member of the RX Community and receive full guidance and support from one of the very experienced RX Mentors in making your reviews. Be part of the MRA RouteXpert and add your routes to the largest certified route library in the world.
    We look forward to either seeing your routes or welcoming you to the RX family.

    Nick Carthew & Hans van de Ven
    MRA RouteXpert Seniors

  • RouteXperts

    We are particularly interested in routes in the red zones if you have any to share and would like to see in the MRA RX Library.


  • @Nick-Carthew

    Hai,, I suppose that Green means there are plenty of routes, and red, there aren't many routes. But what does the bleu in your map signify?

  • @Drabslab tha blue area cannot be driven at by motorcycle or car, but instead one shall utilize a floating device, also known as a boat or ship or in some rare occasions a raft shall suffice as well... 🀣 Sorry man. Just joking around.

  • Instructor


    Blue are similar to the green

  • @StefanHummelink

    joking??? Joking he says!!!, and what about that new bridge between New York and Paris??? Apparently, god put it there especially on request of a motorcyclist. πŸ™‚

  • @Drabslab Hahaha ya, some humour during these times is sometimes a great pressure relief.🀣

  • @StefanHummelink If in these modern times I would not face the wrath of the politically/ethically/... correct Internet Squad ... I would actually tell you what this bridge joke was all about. :-):-)

    But maybe you can guess😳 πŸ˜†

  • @Drabslab haha I'm sorry, I'm failing to see the bridge joke. 😭🀣.

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