I'm loving MRA now!

  • I have gone through a few changes of opinion about MRA. When I first saw it, I thought it was good, but for me it was missing a few things, so I couldn't use it. Like so many other people I posted my ideas and suggestions via this forum in the hope they might one day be incorporated into the software. I didn't hold back on my views!

    I was then delighted to see my ideas and suggestions had been listened to and incorporated into the changes 'road map'. Even better, they must have been close to the top of the users suggestion list and well, I was very happy to see they were incorporated into one of (the first?) updates following the road map being made public.

    Since then, I have started to use MRA for my route planning for my motorcycle tours and I have to say, I'm loving it now. It is easy to use, does exactly what I want and does it in a way that is logical and all makes sense. Bye Bye Basecamp and hello MRA!

    It will take me a very long time (I do them one tour at a time) to convert all my Basecamp routes into MRA but that is now my intention. If I could give the MRA developers and staff a hug, I would.

    Well done everyone.

    Tour1 Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Tours.

  • @Gary-France Great to see your "twist" in opinion man! Haha! If any questions arise, just ask them here as you've done before. Many MRA enthusiasts here that are willing to help out all the time. đŸ™‚ Even with functionalities that are somewhat quirky in the software ... đŸ˜­ Matter of time before those get sorted out, MRA is still in ongoing development.

  • RouteXperts

    @Gary-France I'm glad to see that you're a full time convert now. It's quite a big leap from BC to MRA but as many others have seen, it is definitely the way forward. The developers at MRA are constantly working on improvements and new features and the transparency that MRA shows through this process needs applauding. Welcome aboard, I'm sure that your virtual hug will be gratefully received.

  • @Gary-France Been on a similar journey to you and so glad that I can bin Basecamp. MRA has a great roadmap and I am looking forward to the new features and improvements that are coming downstream. Really heartening that MRA listens to its community and endeavours to cater for their varied needs. Most of all, I love the transparency and the effort they make in their communications’ approach through a variety of methods. Keep up the great work MRA.

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