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  • Hi guys 🙂

    Thanks for a great app 🙂
    One thing to improve - IMHO 🙂

    Any chance to have the same folder tree on a nav like in a web site?
    I mean:

    • web site view:
      2021-01-14 12_43_21-Window.png
    • phone view:

    On a phone is a mess with routes. It shows every route I ever made.

    Whats interesting in MyRouteApp everything islike in a website.

  • Instructor

    Hi Spili, thank you for your message. In the short term, the folder structure will not yet be available in the Navigation App.
    If you create an event and place the route in it, you can open the route via the event. The events are sorted by date, which makes it easier to find them in the app. It is on the list to be adjusted.

  • Hi Hans,

    the "events" are not available in the MRA Navigation app. Am I doing something wrong?

    Wouldn't it be easier and more effective to implement a "search" function on top of the route liste in the Navigation app?


  • @Dirk-Stadtherr The Nav app will always show the latest modified route at the top. A workaround for your problem (and mine too sometimes) is to open your MRA Routeplanner app, search of navigate for the route you intend to drive, open it, unlock the waypoints and lock them again, and exit the route (just simply make sure the route is seen as 'modified').

    Now the "modified" route will show at the top of the routes list in the Nav App.

    It's a hassle, I know, but you get used to it... we'll have to wait for the developers to implement this... may take a long time though:).

  • @StefanHummelink thanks, I know about the feature "last modified route". That's excatly what I have done so far.
    Yes - it is a hassle.

    Hopefully the MRA guys release a valid MRA Navigation roadmap. Last Update in Playstore: April 2020

  • Instructor

    The events are indeed available in MRA Navigation. Create an event in MRA Route Planner, enter the route you want to drive there. Open MRA Navigation, click on the Events button and all your events are sorted by date. Click on an event and you will see the route of that event.

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