• Apologies if this subject has been covered but I’m fairly new to MRA. If got my head round the creation of routes with via points and shaping points abs fortunately I have a Garmin Zumo XT which can handle the two different types of waypoints. What I’d like to be able to do is ADD a POI. I know that I can select a POI and utilise it as a waypoint and save it as a POI but if I’m aware of a good wild camping area for example, I’d like to add that as a POI to my route.....is this an option? If not can it be please?

  • @Dave-1u You can add any point in the map as a POI inside the specific route. I say explicitly inside that route, because without further actions these POI's are not present in a new route unless you save these locations as favourites too or create a custom group of POI's through a external file.

    You can add an own POI by clicking the "Beheren=Manage" tab in the POI menu:
    After clicking the "Toevoegen=Add" button you can select any point on the map, click on "POI Plaatsen=Place POI" and a POI popup menu will ask for a custom name:

    Type custom name or simply use POI and click "Accepteren=Accept":

    Now the POI has been created. Unfortunately the icon itself cannot be changed.

    Now you'll find the custom POI in the same "Beheren=Manage" tab of the POI menu:

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