Sharing routes and tracks, how to share and tips

  • Hi there! This is the place where we share routes and tracks. To help you along the way we have made this post that gives you all the information you need to get started!

    Before we start:

    • if you want to share a bunch of routes that can be grouped together then don't make seperate topics but just create one general topic. It'll generate more traffic and looks cleaner in the forum.
    • Consider that a good route is a route that would be fun to explore for others as well. Walking your dog or cycling to work are usually activities that are not fun to begin with for the person forced to do them, let alone would they be fun for others.

    How to write the topic subject

    Your topic should have a good subject. Make sure that the following information is contained within your subject:

    • What the track or route is for ( Bicycle, Bike, Camper, Car, Running, Walking)
    • Country and region of origin of the route or track (eg: Dolomites in Italy)
    • Distance and duration, for tracks use an example or estimate.

    The big five

    Sharing good routes and tracks can make you as famous as sharing bad routes and tracks can give you a bad reputation. Nobody wants to be "the guy that makes boring routes" or "the no-context track spam guy". Thus we have some tips and tricks that will at the very least guarantee that your posts are formatted properly and contain all the right amount of information. We have formatted these tips as five rules that you should try to adhere to at all times.

    1. Never share routes or tracks that you are unfamiliar with (unless of course your topic is a question in regards to other people's experiences on these roads).
    2. Fill the post with pictures: beautiful pictures documenting the adventure are an absolutely neccecary visual aid to keep your readers' attention.
    3. If your route is based on the route of someone else, give the right amount of credit to avoid causing drama or forcing Community Leadership to act.
    4. Use proper english while posting. If your english skill is relatively low, you can always use Google Translate to improve your texts. The days where Google Translate would create indecipherable garbage texts are long gone!
    5. Make sure that your profile looks good. People might check you out after reading your topic to learn more about your posts. Having a template profile with no personal information will make you look like a forum newborn.

    Optional: becoming a RouteXpert

    Do you enjoy creating routes, writing reviews and helping others enjoy the best routes there are? Perhaps you would be interested in becoming a RouteXpert. Become a symbol for riders worldwide. Become a RouteXpert! Do you have:

    ✔️Many hours on the road?
    ✔️Good reviewing skills?

    Become a RouteXpert and enjoy the many benefits. Sign up here:

    ⭐ Status as a quality route-maker and reviewer
    🎁 Free rewards, such as shirts and jackets
    🌎 Help in making great routes for everyone
    🎫 Special RouteXpert-only events
    👨‍💼 Your ideas help shape the future of MRA

  • I have tried to share a saved Track with friends who are not subscribed to MRA via the e-mail/link tool... They receive an email with a snapshot of the Track but when they click on the View Details banner on the snapshot, they are asked to login to MRA in order to view the details. Is there a View Only options available for non members? I believe non-members can view Routes that are shared via the same tool...
    Thank in advance

  • RouteXperts

    Hello @Guy-Perrin For your friends to view or use your tracks they would need to have a basic account with MRA. A basic account is completely free with no obligations to subscribe. For them to see just how good MRA is I would advise them to sign up. As you probably know, MRA do not send out emails constantly asking basic members to subscribe, get them to give it a try, I’m sure they won’t regret it.You could of course convert your track to a route and share that.

  • @Nick-Carthew-RouteXpert Thanks! I forgot that one could create a no-cost basic account...

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