@sudolea Yes, I did said MRA - MyRoute-app. 😁

@Nick-Carthew You are correct. I meant while navigating, and not with Navigation, but with the MyRoute-app, I use that app because it will keep the point to point navigation like planned and will not try to re-route between the points.

@Corjan-Meijerink I can't wait to test the Navigation Next - maybe there is a feature to lock the constant routing between the points and act like MyRoute-app. About that Gold feature, it is nice, but I meant while navigating, I am waiting for another "Life membership" promotion discount to take advantage and become a Gold member. Also a difference from the Navigation Next, would be that the distance is shown for the next waypoint marked as a "Show distance", while the Navigation next is showing the distance to the next waypoint. When you have 10 waypoints between the current position and the gas station (marked as a "Show distance" waypoint) you see how that becomes relevant.