Changelog 20 october 2020

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    This changelog includes resolved issues in the different parts of MyRoute-app. Missing on this list is MRA Navigation, as the Navigation development team works hard on bringing out a new update which isn’t quite ready yet. This update will include several bugfixes as well as the groundworks for Apple Carplay.

    General bugfixes
    • A bug where sometimes no invoice would be attached to an email was resolved.
    • After changing an email address, users would receive emails from MyRoute-app on their old email address.

    MRA Routeplanner bugfixes
    • In certain browsers, the roundtour generator would get stuck in a permanent loading loop.
    • Occasionally, the Travel Story feature wouldn’t allow tracks and photo’s to be uploaded and no Travel Story image would be generated.
    • For some users, friends could open their private routes through the side panel in the routelab.
    • The “Expand” toolkit feature could occasionally lead to waypoints being randomly sorted throughout a route.
    • Some users were unable to upload routes from MyRoute-app to TomTom MyDrive.
    • Some users were unable to export offroad routes in .gpx format
    • The MyRoute-app connector sometimes would not install if downloaded through Chrome.
    • Putting a folder of routes inside that same folder of routes through “My routes” would make the folder invisible.
    • Exporting to the Harley Davidson Boom! Box didn’t work on some versions of the Boom! Box.
    • Some users reported .gpx routes not being uploaded correctly.
    • Some users were unable to use the “search” option in the roundtour generator.

    MRA Video bugfixes
    • Generated videos would not show height.
    • All-in-one users would not get a MRA Video trial.

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