stop instead of wypoint ?

  • Hi,

    I'd like to be able to create a route with many waypoints, but also with some of them being a Stop.
    Meaning that I would be able to have, somewhere on the navigation app, a way to know the remaining time and distance to reach that stop.

    Is there a way to do that ?

    I'm using MyRoute App Navigation app on my iPhone.


  • I too would like this Martin. Having the clock time built into MRA waypoints is a definite need. Just having the planned duration for a ride is not good enough - surely adding a clock time would be very helpful to many, so we can set a departure time and see what time we will arrive for lunch, arrive at our destination etc. This would also mean adding a duration to waypoints to show how long we would (for example) expect to be stopped for lunch, but that too must be straightforward.

  • @Gary-France @Martin-Garand At the moment I don't have the time to make screenshots en describe how to do this same kind of thing, but in short I utilize the colored waypoint as used by the RohteXperts to designate the stops and use the time and distance at every routepoint in the routepoint menu to determine where to lunch etc. Afterwards I split the route in to separate parts for TT riders or even MRA Nav users.

    I can spare some time tonight GMT+0 time to further describe this if you're interested?

  • @Martin-Garand Hi, You Could simply split your route at each place you want to stop at. Regards Peter.

  • I'm looking for something similar. I would like to see on TT screen the waypoint that mark as sepcial. On that way I should be able to see when I arrive at that marked waypoint. Anybody knows how to do this?

  • Instructor

    As @StefanHummelink indicates, make a route, indicate with a red route point the stop for coffee, lunch, etc.). I assume 1H30M to 2H driving before stopping. Divide the route at the red route points. When you use MRA Navigation, the colored waypoints are visible on your phone.
    Meaning of the waypoint color:
    Blue: Standard rp
    Yellow: Point of interest on the way
    Green: View / photo point
    Red: Hotel / restaurant / petrol station stop
    Pink: Attention deviation in the route
    You could also turn these POIs into a TourGuide with an mp3 file in it, this will be played when you come within the specified radius of the POI.
    If you are using a Garmin Zumo and you add POIs to the route, these will be visible in your zumo via a green heart when you put the route on your zumo via "Export".

  • Thanks all for your reply,

    I know I can divide my total route to smaller one.

    I just think that what I'm asking should be a possibility in the Navigation App. Many other navigation app or GPS can do that also.

    There must be a difference between a way point and a step/stop point.

    I used a lot of different application for navigation (car radio, Garmin or Tom Tom GPS, ...) and they all can do that.

    MyRoute Navigation App is really nice and convinient to use on my motorcycle, but there is still some improvement that could be really a step up.

    I was just curious to see if there a way to do what I,d like to and I was not aware of. But I understand that it is only not possible at the moment.

  • @StefanHummelink Thanks for the tips. I understand what you're saying.

    I only wish to be able to have 2 information in the app at the same time.

    -Time and distance remaining for complete route
    -Time and distance remaining to next Stop point

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