MRA Video is now available!

  • @Janusz-Rychter

    Hi Janus,

    At the moment I think the elevation data will only be present if the Track Log is recorded in MRA Navigation. I tested this on the bus yesterday with my phone. I also recorded a route on my Tom Tom Rider 550 then imported it into a track log to create a video. That doesn’t generate elevation data in the MRA video either.
    Creating a video from a MRA Route will also not yet generate elevation data but I suspect/hope that could be added at a later date.


  • Hi

    Just thought I’d give some constructive feedback on the current functionality of the MRA Video specifically using an iPad Pro.

    I have tracked a few routes using MRA Navigation and the data all pulls through ok but it would be nice to be able to set it to Miles instead of KM for speed and distance and Feet for elevation.

    Moment Text and Moment Photo’s fade out way to quickly in my opinion and the photos should be a lot larger.

    On an iPad Pro when I want to select a photo the pop up displaying the photo’s is way too small which makes it barely useable in both iOS Chrome and in the MRA iOS App.

    Thanks for listening.

  • @Steve-Lynch I could not fin MRA Video any longer. The former page [](link url) is dead.
    What happens?

  • Instructor


    Hi Guzzist,

    MRA Video cannot be purchased at this time, we are currently working hard and testing an update.
    Sorry for the inconvenience
    Please be patient

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