how to manage " Favorites " in navigation app

  • I have made a mistake, I have saved the wrong location as a favorite, but I don't succeed in edit or delete this favorite. tried many things, swipe to the left, hold and press, is there any option to edit ?

  • RouteXperts

    @Sander-l Edit your favourites in MRA route planner not Navigation.

  • Hi Nick, thank you for the quick answer, unfortunate I don't see the favorites, that I have made directly in the naviagtion app, in the MRA environment.

    the issue as as follows; navigstion app is running, >> click first button <navigate and tracking > than you have tree options <search> - <routes> - <favorites> once clicked <favorites> I see my list of saved locations. This list is not editble.
    Does somebody has a tip or tric to edit this list, or delete saved locations ?

    thanks in advance

  • You must first open a route, then you can see your favorites.

  • RouteXperts

    @Sander-Mul Open a route and select the favourite that you want to delete and then delete it with the X. This can only be done in the route editor not the navigation app.

  • RouteXperts

    @Sander-Mul Favourites are not like POIs (points of interest). A favourite is just a quick way of finding and centring the map to a favourite place. Once you have selected a favourite in the route planner, you can add it as a route point by clicking on the + symbol.

  • Hi Nick and Reinhard-32, thank you for your reply, you have triggered me, I succeeded in managing my favorites, I thought these favorites within the route app were just fot the specific route, but it seems your all favorite list.
    Thanks again for your clear explanation.
    Kind regards

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