New user with questions.

  • I just signed up with the 2 week trial an hour ago or so. I see this as a very useful tool and so far I am very impressed. It's whole lot better than BaseCamp.

    I made my first route and save it, however the time stamp is off by 3 hours. I'm in the US on the west coast. I cannot find where to change the time zone.

    One Youtube video I watched about making routes mentions some things that I cannot find. There is an "expand waypoints" feature that I cannot find. I noticed a few others. Could someone explain why please?

    I noticed some differences between the Gold version and the All-In-One version.
    Please explain these
    A-B Navigation
    Route Navigation
    Speeding Notifications
    Traffic Alerts
    And do these work when using a GPS device or just your smart phone?

    How long does it take for routes made on the PC to be available on my Android app?

    I'm going to play around with this some more before I buy. I have a 3400 mile trip planned in 3 weeks, It would be nice to map it all out on my GPS before hand.

    Thanks to everyone for this promising tool.

  • According the time zone, the same question came up here:

  • administrator

    Hi Lane,

    First of all welcome! Questions and answers are usually reserved for the self-service area. However, since your question is already here I'll answer your questions.

    1. Time Zone is a known bug, the team is fixing this in a future update.
    2. "expand" is featured on some maps. Check the toolkit for expanding waypoints.
    3. The differences between GOLD and AIO (All-in-one) is the following:

    GOLD is only the GOLD Routeplanner.
    AIO is the GOLD Routeplanner and the MRA Navigation app in one bundle (along with future new services). The features you mention are for your smartphone only, as MRA Navigation only runs on iOS or Android devices.

    As for your trip, I look forward to seeing more of it here on the forum. You'll find many helpful and interest people here.

    Kind regards,


  • @Timo-Martosatiman-MRA
    Thank you for the additional information. I appreciate it.
    I'll try to remember about the self-serve area.

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