• I am in the market for a new device. I have an LG G6 that meets my everyday needs. So I could buy a new phone that does or does not complement my G6 as daily phone and Nav-device. However I am quite fond of the idea to have a dedicated and REALLY waterproof GPS device that runs the MRA apps as well as standard Android TuneIn Radio, Spotify, Flitsmeister app etc. These head-units exist:


    AliExpress carries a lot more of them. But I am not sure it is a wise buy. They are really low-specced, have old Android versions and probably NO upgrade support. Does anybody have some experience with these devices? Or should I just go for a CAT S41 or a Landrover Explore?

  • @Con-Hennekens I use a Blackview BV9600 PRO outdor mobil phone. It works good in combination with the MyRout app. The display visible in sunlight.

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    @Reinhard-32 At MyRoute-app Navigation testruns we tested with an older version of your phone: the Blackview IP68, while it was too slow to run MRA Navigation I agree that it is a really tough, waterproof and sturdy phone. It is a little heavy, but that might actually be nice. @Con-Hennekens this might give you some clues. I personally use an iPhone 6S which works fine but doesn't have the smart-skipping feature yet and isn't really rugged in any way.

  • @Timo-Martosatiman-MRA
    I think people inside MRA extensively tested multiple CAT phones. Which one plays nicest with the Nav App? I am not planning on using such a thing on a daily basis, but as a dedicated GPS device it would work well. Can something be said to the minimum specs for MRA Nav? And what are your thoughts (or MRA dvelopers thoughts) on the head-unit I linked to in the OP?

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    @Con-Hennekens Michel uses his personal CAT 60 which works with MRA Navigation. As for the unit you linked, I asked around and we have no specific experience with the device you linked, but I can see that it supposedly supports "All Android GPS software" which is a relatively broad definition. If there's access to the play store you should be able to install MRA Navigation.

    If this is a device that specifically uses Android Auto, then MRA Navigation won't work (yet). We're periodically trying to get in touch with both Apple and Google to get access to their respective dev environments so we can launch our app on those systems as well, but so far we're being ignored. Perhaps we'll organize something to counter that in the future, we'll see. Though, to stay on topic, that's another subject.

    As for playing nice with the Nav App, we're aware that stability has somehow decreased the past weeks and we're fixing that. After those fixes all modern-spec devices with current OS's should be able to run Navigation just fine.

  • I use a Doogee S60 as my dedicated navigation. It has more than enough speed to run MRA Navigation.
    Be sure your device has at least 32 GB of storage. This for the maps. Also a minimum of 2 GB RAM is recommend but 4 GB works really beter.

  • @M-Schrijver said in Hardware:

    Doogee S60

    I googled it and it looks good! Does the screen work with gloves on, like the CAT? And do you happen to know if there are custom ROM's available at XDA? There is a lite-version available with 4G RAM for only 130 euro... That should suffice, but it has only Android 7. I's like to be able to upgrade that, but don't hhink I can count on the brand to do that 😉

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