Hard points vs soft points :

  • during my route, I really need to pass every point very close. How do I convert them into points that allow me to pass from a bigger distance...

  • Instructor

    Hi Luc, what device do you use?

  • Luc

    The current version seems to trigger "ticking off" a waypont at a significantly greater distance than earlier versions where it seemed you had to be on the exact metre.

    The best solution is to resolve this in the route planning stage. Before you commit a route to download, zoom in very closely on every single waypoint. Ensure each waypoint is definately on the route you intend, not off to one side of the road or 10 metres up a track.... It is also worth putting waypoints
    some clear distance before or after a junction NOT directly on them.

    It might be a small pain but trust me it is really easy to be slightly off with the waypoints especially when using larger scale views for longer routes, You will find spending five minutes doing this in the warmth and comfort of your own home is time well spent. U turns on an icy mountain roads in the pouring rain.... especially if there are 15 bikes following...... are not any good for your stress or your street cred.....

    On bigger trips I often use two different devices (Usually a Garmin and either android or iPhone as a back up) simultaneously and unless Hans knows some technical reasons otherwise, I dont think the device makes much difference...

  • Oh Luc I forgot to say there is also a Skip Waypoint option (Might be device but it is there on my Garmin, Android and Iphone.) So if you know you are passing close but the waypoint doesn't "trigger" you can skip it...

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