Question: Use the forum to organize routes?

  • Hey folks!

    We're a small group of riders bases in Madrid and we're looking for something that would help us organizing our rides out. I've been using MyRouteApp for a few years now and I think it's brilliant, we just need a place to discuss, organize and collaborate on the routes for our rides.

    We'd like to be able to use the forum to discuss and organize our little rides and I was hoping to use the combination of the Groups and the forum to achieve this. Which category should we use to start off those discussions?


  • Instructor


    Hi Luigi, you can use the events for that, just create an event invite your group, add the routes in the event and use the message option to discuss

  • Haha! Yes! Didn't notice I could invite a group to an event! Nice, we'll give it a go! Thanks!

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