PRESS RELEASE: MyRoute-app reduces Google Maps services

  • absolutely unfair Google's predatory eagerness

    thanks for your work and effort

    we will always be by your side!

  • administrator


    Update from what I said earlier: I was already under the conviction that the sattelite and map layers should've remained. As outlined in the original message this removal is focussed primarily on the Google Maps route-calculation.

    Sattelite and regular Google maps view remain available for Gold users! They've been temporarily de-activated due to the development team's exit strategy and are now available again.


  • Timo,

    Not sure what app your screen shot is from but I don't see any of those options either via the web app, or the phone app.

  • I'm Gold and not seeing it either.


  • Scratch that.
    It's the Layers Icon Top Right of the Map.
    I'll get my Coat!!


  • Just spotted the Google 'Layer' Steve, and for me it's happy days👍

    The map info and colour is just as before so I reckon many of the users won't miss the Google algorithm wizardry in the background as long as they can see the normal information that Google Maps shows.

  • scratch that as well for me.. I see it now..

  • @Timo-Martosatiman-MRA said in PRESS RELEASE: MyRoute-app reduces Google Maps services:

    The Google Maps map remains available as an additional map laye

    Maybe not the right place to ask but...

    So I went to check out the new functionality (or lack thereof). Initially I got the Here map visually, no option for Google maps. Was initially disappointed. But then I came back to re-read what was still avail (layers). I set my layer back to Google maps and all looked fine again.

    Now I will say that I'm prepping my routes for a Garmin GPS anyway, so that's Here maps on the device and in my experience has the best chance of the GPS actually using the route correctly. I was doing routeing compares and adding waypoints to force the default routing to do the same as what Here would have done. I also see that streetview is still functional, I assume that means that is continuing to be available??

    Now with the changes as of today (5/21/20) , with Here selected in the first place as the default, and manually turning on Google as the layer, I still get to see Google maps graphics, but I get Here routing overlaid on that. Is that right?

    As I understand it, assuming above is correct, the only downside in my case is I have to manually pick the Google layer. It would be nice to be able to set that. I do prefer the Google maps visually vs Here's. Glad I can still see them manually setting at least.

    I do find in rural areas map differences where a road does or does not end in the same place, more often with Google being right so that sucks, but not the end of the world, as sometimes it's the other way around.

    Note that the Google layer still reflects the default for Gold users (me), I assume that's just a graphic miss on your part since it did not default to that layer.

  • administrator

    @Scott-Horton Hi scott, all your assumptions are correct. What you currently see is what you get, including the map layers. Since it wasn't on our roadmap to remove Google as a routing service, we'll have to look at for example activating a map layer automatically/per default.

    Regardless, you are completely right to assume that you can create a completely Garmin compatible route (using the HERE routing map) whilst visually being presented with the Google sattelite map.

    Kind regards,


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