• Hi there,

    My name is Marcel Hagen, founder of the Knights Templar Motorcyclist Charity Organization. With our volunteers we ride for sick or disabled people in the Netherlands.

    I use MyRoute-app quitte some time now, as a Gold lifetime member, just on time as no more Gold lifetime memberships are sold I believe.

    And I also use the Navigation app on my iPhone X and very happy with it.

    Some of our volunteers also use MyRoute-app as basic members and for us it's easy to share routes. I do hope there will be some team membership available in the future or discount options for team, so our non profit organization could buy it for our volunteers to use.

    For the rest, I'm very happy with MyRoute-app and with the Navigation app, it makes life much easier 🙂

    Keep on going with the good work

    Kind Regards,


  • administrator

    Welcome to the MRA Community Forum Marcel, it's great to see that you're using riding as a way of contributing to society. I can only applaud that 👏 .

    You can rest assured that over time we'll continue to develop all sides of MyRoute-app, including community features. The release of this forum is an example of how we're still on top of that. Right now we're doing a lot of work in fixing bugs, cleaning code and expanding our team so that we'll head properly into the future.

    I'm glad to see that you enjoy using MyRoute-app. As for what we can do to help your organization aquire MyRoute-app, please do send me a private message telling your story (you can do this in dutch).

    Edit: of course, you get the last contributor badge! You're the tenth and thus last person to get a contributor badge for joining the forum.

  • Thank you Timo

    Looking forward to see and watch the developments and the community features

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