Crossing the netherlands by motor

  • Hi everybody, I am thinking about crossing through the Netherlands, as we now not are able to go abroad this year. The route will be via touristics routes in statt of the highway. Has anybody any suggestions? I am living in Oosterhout (Breda) this will be the start point.

  • @Meral

    Hello Meral, welcome.

    Some questions:
    In how many days do you want to do this?
    How many KM do you want to drive per day?
    Have you already made routes yourself?

  • Hi Meral,

    I made the 12 Provincien for our Motor Toer Club, this tour we will drive at the end of August, if it is allowed and the hotels, restaurants and cafe's are open again.
    We do this in 3 days and drive almost 1200 KM all through.


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