Testride of the new BMW 2 Gran Coupé

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    A few weeks ago I received an invite from BMW to come and test their new BMW 2 series Gran Coupé. I've had the pleasure of driving a 2 series Convertible during the hottest week of last year. That same year I also had the displeasure of driving BMW's 2 series Active Tourer for a few days, a car that I personally have no love for. As such, I was intrigued by this new concept: a gran coupé for the smallest segment at BMW? I really couldn't let that chance pass. Attached here you'll find my review of the car along with some pictures.

    The first impression of this new BMW is that it looks contemporary and, luckily, very much like a BMW should. In my opinion, the entire "vertical grille so big you can host a family barbeque on it" design move that BMW has been pursuing now for the past year or two is a bad one. Sure, it can be sold as a throwback to the classic car grille from the 30's and 40's, but honestly it just seems a move that makes the car stand out more so that customers won't be saying "why should I get the new one if it looks only a little bit different from the one I have now?". Anyway, back to the subject at hand.

    The 2 series Gran Coupé not only looks good, it handles amazing as well. While driving, it's mounted firmly on the road with sharp steering and a satisfying level of acceleration even with the small 218i engine. The version I drove also had a HUD hologram and fully digital dashboard. I wasn't much of a fan of previous iterations of BMW's digital dashboard, as it took very little advantage of the screen and the freedom of pixels in opposition to clockwork electronics. As I take turns and drive for a while, the HUD is always helpful and provides a smooth stream of information. Always noticeble, never annoying or distracting.

    Additionally, this vehicle feels like a car should feel. It handles powerfully and driving is an experience that can always be taken beyond a simple commute with the push of a pedal and a flick of the gear handle. As most BMW's are automatic these days, it's a nice feature that you can push the gear handle to the left and immediately switch to a sports-manual mode. Handling tightens and the car is ready to launch off on the highway. Add on top of that that this is pretty much just a slightly smaller version of the 3 series that gets you more punch for your buck.

    e24747fc-03a7-406e-8686-9d8766b326a0.jpg 232b0d81-3df9-46b1-b0f2-22b80a260225.jpg 3dc01383-c8ec-4003-9711-8517311736ff.jpg aa9160c7-40f2-482a-812c-c3860973b0be.jpg 894f58d3-6403-481b-8d3e-56b7d966e56d.jpg 24cbe48b-a4ec-4d4f-a3d0-79d012f269ed.jpg b86e7214-3257-48fa-8924-7294528e35cd.jpg

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    Move over Jeremy Clarkson, @Timo-Martosatiman-MRA has arrived 😉 #TopGear
    Nice review 👏🏼
    You are right, you could bbq a whole cow on that grill and I’m not sure if I like it or not. And those wheels! are they strong enough? We have some potholes here that would eat them.

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