MRA to outline official roadmap and solve "waypoint problem"

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    Attention community,

    In the coming period MRA will outline an official roadmap, solve several problems including the earlier arisen "waypoint problem". This is in addition to the release of several promised features being released. Our developers will dedicate their time first and foremost to resolving these problems in the coming month. We as a community can not help them with that. We can however, look ahead and towards the future.

    That is why MRA has decided to outline an official roadmap aimed to create even more transperancy and a clear picture of where the future will be headed. For this we will need you, our members, to help us by providing us with your vote in the coming period. You will be given the opportunity to vote on important features that will stipulate what features will be built, and which features will have to wait.

    For this purpose I've held an in-depth meeting with Customer Support who are at the absolute frontline of all member questions and wishes. Together, we've condensed a list of features that will be put forward to be voted on. This first vote will eliminate features that the community deems of less importance. Finally, a vote will be held for the final selection of the top feature priorities that MRA should be working on.

    Once the results are in, the results will be compiled into a Roadmap that will be made publicly available for all to see. For absolute transperancy, we will include our entire planning on this Roadmap to outline all important milestones. After all, we want you to know what we're working on, even if it's something boring or technical. After all, there's a reason for everything. As your community manager I pledge to outline the clearest possible explanation for everything that we're doing and you will be able to hold me accountable to that.

    In return, I ask of you that you register your vote and create awareness of this coming vote and get all your MRA friends to do so too. After all, it is of utmost importance to all of us that the future of MRA satisfies not only us, but all those that we create our routes for.

    Vote for the future of MRA. Sign up for the newsletter in advance:

  • Very honorable and contemporary 👏

  • @Timo-Martosatiman-MRA

    Based upon my long IT experience, you are completely nuts, extremily brave, or the combination of both options.

    Seriously, this is a very significant move, I can do nothing else but aplaud.

    I sincerely hope that the MRA community will respond in the most constructive way possible.

    Bringing in great ideas and especially by understanding that resources are limited, technology has its constraints and not every dream can be realised on short notice.

    I hope this will be fun.👏

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