• Hi All,

    it’s good to have a forum, although I experience that other forums get abandoned in favor of other social media. I sincerely hope that that won’t happen with the MuRouteApp Forum!

    Let me introduce myself : Bert van Nijnatten, living in Breda, Netherlands, married with Yvonne, and working as an IT Architect at a multinational for over a decade, still having fun in the international IT arena.

    My user name is Dragbert, named after myself and one of my previous motorbikes, a Yamaha DragStar Classic. I started riding on a Yamaha Virago 535 a long time ago, also owned a Yamaha Midnight Star 950, which was my dreambike, but I’m riding currently a 2015 Suzuki Bandit 650.

    Yvonne and myself love riding in Netherlands (home) but we also really like the rides in Luxembourg and wider environment. Rides in the latter are mostly being shared in MRA.

    After I got cancer in 2014 we rode the Route66 in the US as my Bucket list item - I got cured! - which was an unforgettible trip!

    See Ya on the Road, All! And keep the rubber on the tarmac!

  • administrator

    Hi there @Dragbert! Welcome to the forum. Hope you enjoy it here. I share your view that many forums die out because people move to social media, but after long consideration we did choose a forum for some reasons:
    a.) it's the kind of UI that's recognizable for everyone
    b.) To create a real community with events, heroes and history a forum covering all subjects is better than many FB groups covering seperate subjects
    c.) As time progresses and MRA evolves, features will expand to give more and more unique features to the forum.

    Glad to see that you're here in good health and enjoying the roads. Are you enjoying the Suzuki as much as the Yamaha?

    EDIT: added the Contributor award to you!

  • Hello Dragbert,

    What a truly amazing story! Hopefully keeping it positive ever since!

    Welcome to our new forum. We wish it to be the active part of our community regardless of all communication on social media. 🤠

  • Thanks for your response @Timo-Martosatiman-MRA !

    I agree that especially for bikers an (extended) forum may be the best concept for a community.

    With regards to the Suzuki Bandit: it’s another kind of motorbike, not a cruiser, but a naked tourer, with 2 more cilinders. To be honest: it’s different, but it’s also a very nice bike. If I would have been rich I would have kept the both...

  • Thanks for your reply, @MRA-Daniël !

    Amazing is the improvement in medical knowledge and in the results of current doctors. 34 years ago my father passed away in a couple of months due to cancer; I survived however.

    I’m very grateful for that, and will be riding the Triumphing Cancer motorbike tour on September 15th again. Happy to invite every biker to join....

  • administrator

    I'm very happy that you're here with us Dragbert. You're right about those improvements in medicine: my grandmother was recently diagnosed with cancer, went in for 5 treatments and was done. She was scared, coming from an era where something like that was a certain death verdict. Perhaps I grew up in a time where defeating cancer was becoming a reality, or perhaps I just got lucky and didn't see too much of it. Regardless, I can only imagine what it's like to survive something that your father didn't.

    I wish you good luck and a joyous ride on the 15th of September.

  • RouteXperts

    @Dragbert said in Dragbert:

    "After I got cancer in 2014 we rode the Route66 in the US as my Bucket list item - I got cured! - which was an unforgettible trip!"
    Congratulations 👏 on beating the cancer, it's always good to hear a positive story. ✊

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